Dry air makes it so hard for me to sleep -

Dry air makes it so hard for me to sleep

I had a rough time sleeping last night. Majority of the problem was related to the air being so dry, it made me really stuffy and that always makes it hard for me to sleep. It’s like a fricking desert.

Around 2 AM I ended up downstairs on the couch. Its easier to breathe down there for some reason. I need to put the humidifier on the second floor because that should make a difference.

I didn’t end up fall asleep with Ruby curled up next to me.

Thankfully, the boys are at Lizze’s parents house, so I was able to sleep in. Gavin didn’t need anything this morning and I wasn’t disturbed.

All we have to do today is take Lizze to the dentist, get stuff for the boys lunches and that’s about it.

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