A MAJOR announcement and a few sidenotes

I wanted to talk to you folks for a few minutes and explain a few changes that you may have noticed already.
I’ve been officially sponsored for the very first time.  I so excited to share with you all that this blog has been sponsored by Vivint Gives Back. What does this mean?

It’s important to understand that this sponsorship is in regards to server fees only. Vivint Gives Back and The Autism Dad Blog are both on a similar path.  That path is one that’s dedicated to helping the special needs community, especially those touched by Autism.
Vivint Gives Back will be helping with server fees and that means that I no longer have to stress out of pocket expense in regards to the hosting of The Autism Dad Blog or the My Autism Help Forums.

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I’m the Brand Ambassador and liaison between Vivint Gives Back and the community.  We are working as a team to help the Autism community by providing the tools parents need to keep track of their children while in the house and preventing them from escaping unnoticed.

By sponsoring my blog, Vivint Gives Back is helping me to continue my efforts at raising awareness and providing comfort to those walking a similar path.
This is something that I’m exceedingly grateful for because it means that I no longer have to stress out if I’m unable to cover the fees on my own.

Another hugely positive aspect to this is that any and all monies generated from this site can go directly to supporting my family.  This is a really big thing for us because rather spending time trying to figure out how to cover the fees associated with running these sites, I can focus instead on what I do best.  ☺

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This blog will contain ads/sponsored posts and other things that can help to monetize this site and allow me to better support my family.

Having said that, I realize that ads can be annoying but please understand that these ads are helping to feed my family and try to overlook them.  I will do my best to limit any popup type ads but sometimes they will appear and I ask that you simply close it if you’re not interested in what they have to offer.

If anything is interfering with your ability to read and navigate this blog, please let me know.  I don’t wish to frustrate anyone but at the same time, my options for bringing in an income are limited. This allows me to do what I love and provide for my family at the same time.

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Everyone’s experience can vary because ads are customized for each person and everyone uses a different device.  Just let me know of any problems and I’ll do my best to address.

Please remember that visiting any sponsors you find sprinkled throughout the site, makes a big difference.  ☺

I will be tweaking things to make it as unobtrusive as possible, while maintaining a positive revenue stream.

In closing, let me make this very clear.  No one is buying my thoughts or opinions.  I’m not paid to support Vivint Gives Back. I do so because I truly believe in what they are working for.  We have a partnership and we will continue to work together for the betterment of the community.

Thanks everyone and I can’t wait to continue moving forward.. ☺


  1. Dawn

    Good morning, Rob. I’m glad you don’t have to worry about server fees anymore, but can you do something about the infolink popups? They are obnoxious and almost impossible to get rid of on a phone or tablet. If they were selling me something worthy it might be okay, but the 12 I’ve seen this morning were all telling me that I could make $7,987 per month working at home. Allowing spammy popups on your site can’t be good for business.

    1. I agree. The ad in question should only popup once per visit and not on every pageview. I’m giving them a short time to address this before I pull the ad. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but please be patient while I work out some of these kinks

      1. Dawn

        The spaminess should be addressed too, I think. I don’t want to make $7000 a week working from home, and I don’t want to click there to win a prize up to $70. There is another popup for a GPS locator for kids that pops up on every page too, but I don’t mind that one because it is selling something worthwhile. Infolinks is acting like a virus.

  2. tannawings

    I am glad you dont have to worry about the server fees that has to be a load off your shoulders. The popups are a bit annoying, but heck I close them. Its the page 1, 2 3 and sometimes more that get me. Because of the popups it slows your page considerably, and I am on a desktop I cant imagine what it would be like on mobile.

    1. I’m working to make the site easier to manage, especially from the mobile devices. The page splits allow for easier browsing because post that are longer are split into a second page….. I’m working to tighten things up. A popup shouldn’t be seen by the same reader more than once in a 24/48 hour period. I’m working on it. As far as the page splits go, I get that it’s not as needed on a desktop but when you’re on a phone or tablet, it’s nice to be able to just turn the page.

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