Introducing the newest member to our family

Over the Christmas holiday, we added a member to our family. Her name is Ruby and she’s a two year old Chorkie. We’ve always had two dogs and we’ve only had Maggie since having to rehome Bella, our Boxer because she became extremely aggressive with Maggie. We had no choice, because the dog fighting was getting really bad and it had become dangerous for the kids. We tried everything to avoid having to rehome her but nothing helped.

It was heartbreaking because we’d had her for a few years without a single problem. One day, she decided that she wanted to be the dominant female and began challenging Maggie. This was totally a massive personality shift for Bella and these fights were always provoked by her. They always ended bloody and she would even start fights with Maggie when she was around the kids.

Unfortunately, Bella never outgrew this phase and after many appointments with our vet, it was deemed necessary to remove her from the home. We had to put safety first.

We never thought about replacing her but as our financial situation has improved, Lizze and I began considering adding a second dog. There was never a rush but over the last year or so, we’d been keeping our eyes open for a good fit.

If we were to come across a situation that would be a good fit for our family, we would pursue it. If we didn’t, we would just keep looking. Like I said, we were in no rush.

We stumbled across Rudy, read her story and knew she would be a good fit. Lizze and I discussed it, spoke with the family trying to rehome her and decided to go forward with getting her.

The rest is history.

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Ruby took only a few hours to adjust to our home and she’s now a perfect fit. She’s housebroken, well trained and gets along great with Maggie and the ferrets.

She’s glued to me all the time but spends time snuggling with everyone in the house. She doesn’t bark much, like many small dogs do and is great with the boys. We feel quite blessed to have been able to adopt Ruby. The family that had her loved her very much and it killed them to have to rehome her but they had their reasons.

While we weren’t actively looking, we’re grateful for how things worked out. ☺

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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