I’ve got heartbreaking news

I’ve got heartbreaking news

I received a phone call this morning from Dr. Reynolds office. I assumed they were calling to move our appointment again but I was wrong. Apparently, Gavin’s labs from yesterday came in and his numbers are dropping again.

Right before we left for Florida, he had labs drawn. His Absolute Neutrophil was 3 and his White Cell count was 5 at the time. Unfortunately, his labs from yesterday show a sharp drop. His Absolute Neutrophil is 2 and his White Cell count is 3.

This means one of four things:

  1. The Clozapine has nothing to do with this.
  2. The Clozapine is causing this and he’s going to have to completely detoxed from it to know for sure.
  3. The Clozapine may had caused permanent damage.
  4. This is part of CVID and he’s going to have to return to the hospital for his infusions.

There’s probably more options but I’m not thinking super clearly right now.

As per the usual, we will be repeating his labs in the morning to make sure there wasn’t an error before we decide what we need to do.

I feel completely shattered at this point.

We know the Clozapine is working to curb his Schizophrenic symptoms because as the dose gets lower, he’s displaying worsening symptoms. We can also say with a reasonable level of certainty that the only way to know for sure if it’s the Clozapine causing the issues with his blood is to completely remove it from his system.

I’m heartbroken and don’t even know what else to say.

I have some calls to make.

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I once handed a cousins daughter 20$ to babysit one of mine in less than 10 minutes she returned and handed me back the 20 and said no way.

Becky Wiren

I’m very sorry. I know Gavin has serious issues and I also know that adjusting meds and taking new ones can take months, even years to work well. I’m not going to say all will be well as we don’t know. But you do have family and your friends and even us who have been following along. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rob Gorski

Thanks Becky.. I truly appreciate your kind words and support… ☺

Debbie Tomor

Rob and Liz, Only thing I can think to say can’t say on here!!! Our poor kids can’t take much more and neither can the adults!!! I can send good thoughts and we ask that if you could do same for us. Marc officially has Bone Disease!! He is getting a bone biopsy this week or next to see which one for sure. They did find a lesion on his left radius. Now more waiting for all of us!! Love you all !

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