What life is like three months after my wife moved home

I guess it’s fitting to do an update on how life is going, since Lizze moved back home.  It’s been almost three months now and frankly, the time has just flown by.

The physical act of moving Lizze back into the house hasn’t caused any significant issues for anyone, aside from the expected hiccups as a result of there simply being a change.

Any type of change in a house full of Autism, is bound to create distress.

That being said, the boys are happy and I mean all the boys, including Gavin.  That’s probably been one of the biggest and most positive things to come out of this whole thing.

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Lizze and Gavin have a normal, healthy relationship now and that’s incredibly positive.
Lizze and I are doing really well and have been working hard to learn from everything we’ve been through.  This means learning from our mistakes and making sure we take better care of ourselves.

We have finally gotten into marriage counseling and will have our first session in about a week or so.  It took a bit to find the right one and with it being summer break, logistically it was too difficult.  We were in family counseling every week anyway, so we were still working.

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Not everyone is totally on board with this whole thing but they’re in the minority and will come around eventually.  Things like this are tough for some people to move past but it’s a non-issue at this point.

In a weird way, it doesn’t feel like we spent almost two years apart.

Reuniting has felt very natural and organic. There’s no awkwardness and for the most part, the boys have adjusted.

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We still see them coming to me for everything because they were so used to doing that but time will help with that.

This has been such a positive journey thus far and I’m so thankful to even be writing about this, especially on the day of our 13th wedding anniversary…  ☺ 💙