Words can’t describe how special today is

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Today is a really special day and it’s one that I know not everyone agrees with but that doesn’t matter because I just don’t care. 

It was 13 years ago today, that Lizze and I were married. 

Today is a day that I wasn’t sure would ever be celebrated again but life has a way of bringing us what we need. It might not be on our time frame because sometimes things need to work themselves out on their own. 

We’re living proof that we control our own destiny and if we want something bad enough, we can do just about anything.  ☺ 

I’m so grateful for my wife.  Our lives are whole once again and today is a day of celebration and joy.  

We have a great deal of support, especially from our parents and that means a great deal to us. 

We don’t really have any plans because life is challenging in many areas and we don’t really have the means to do anything.  Having said that, the boys will be going to their grandparents and we will have a night off.  

There’s a reason they say that a nap to an Autism parent is worth more than anything money can buy… ☺ 

Just the simple fact that we’re here together is all we really need.  

We will probably order a pizza from Pizza Oven and binge watch Supernatural.  Pizza Oven is sort of a tradition for us because it’s really the only time we ever order it.  It’s Lizze’s favorite and so it’s kind of our special thing.  ☺️

Anyway, I don’t think anything could get me down today and I’m so thankful that we found our way back together…. ☺ 💙 

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