My mood has soured today -

My mood has soured today

I don’t know why but my mood has gone straight down the crapper. I’m feeling very overwhelmed by life and all it requires of me. Nothing terrible has happened today and yet my mood is terrible.  

Not that any parenting is easy because but Autism parenting is truly in a league of its own.  

I’ve found over the last 15 years that when it comes to special needs kids, there’s always something to worry about or stress over. Maybe that sounds dramatic but I think most parents in similar circumstance, would agree.  

I think that I’m at a point where everything is just getting to me.  I’m feeling tired all the time and if given the chance, I would sleep all day. Maybe not all day but a large part of the day anyway.. 

I would like to get off the ride at some point and just collapse… 

Anyone out there feeling the same way? 

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