We didn’t give up this morning 

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This morning went pretty well but I think Emmett’s getting sick. It’s like a head cold/upper respiratory thing.  There’s no fever, so there’s still a chance it’s just allergies.  Fingers crossed.. 

I didn’t sleep well last night because I had too much in my mind and those worries played out in my dreams.  It’s like there’s no escaping any of this stuff, even while dreaming and that really sucks. 

Neither Lizze or I felt like walking this morning but rather than give up and just quit before we even got started, we pushed ourselves to go for a short, brisk walk anyway.  

It wasn’t the best workout but I’m looking at it from the perspective of at least we’re maintaining the habit.  At least we tried before we succumbed to what chronic lack of sleep does to our bodies. 

I’m proud of us for that…. ☺ 

Lizze doesn’t have class today because of the holiday but we do have Dr. Pattie again this afternoon. 

That’s about the bulk of what’s going on today.  I have some work to do, including a demo for work. 

I’m hoping that today continues to be relatively positive… ☺ 

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