Today’s Victory: Major props to my middle minion

I want to take a second and give some recognition to Mr. Elliott. The middle of three, Elliott has traditionally struggled with homework, not because he couldn’t do it but for reasons tied to rather extreme anxiety. 

Anyway, so far this school year, Elliott’s been doing awesome with his homework. He now does his homework with little or no complaints. 

Rather than give him a set amount of time to work on his homework, we now define a set amount of work he needs to do per night. This has taken much of the anxiety inducing nonsense out of the picture. 

Elliott doesn’t do well with anything related to being timed or time limits.  

Rather than continue pushing that concept, we have instead found a way that works better for him and results in his homework getting done without the meltdowns that are brought about as a result of anxiety.  

This is a major win and I’m super proud of Elliott for coming so far…. ☺


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