It was sensory and meltdown central this morning -

It was sensory and meltdown central this morning

It was a rough morning here in the The Autism Dad household. Emmett was having a morning full of sensory problems that led us to being late for school.

It was a shoes and socks thing again.😔

We eventually got the situation resolved but it wasn’t without a great deal of energy expenditure. 

Elliott was just difficult in general and very frustrating. Extending the benefit of the doubt to the kids, my guess is that we are seeing fallout from a weekend filled with stimulation. 

On the positive side, by the time the kids left the car and went into the school building, they had smiles on their handsome little faces. They even asked to take a silly selfie before exiting the car… 

It could always be worse and I’m super grateful that they were able to turn things around. 

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