It’s not as bad as it was

It’s proving to be a decent day here in household. We’re watching a movie with the boys and Gavin’s sleeping off his morning medications still. 

Lizze might be venturing out into the Black Friday craziness with her Mom after dinner. 

The boys and I just might go Pokémon hunting at some point but it’s really cold out. 

Anyway, things have been improving since this morning and for that I’m grateful.. ☺ 

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  • BJW

    Usually by the afternoon, the Black Friday craziness is going down. So have fun shopping Lizze!

    • I’ll pass that along.. Thanks Becky

      • BJW

        I worked in retail and dreaded Black Friday. Although I could usually throw myself into doing it and even enjoying it, sort of like doing a very long, hard thing and trying to excel.