Taking on insurance and fighting for my son

Taking on insurance and fighting for my son

We’re still waiting to hear about Gavin’s testing for tomorrow. We’re stuck in insurance limbo.

As soon as I found out there was a problem, I knew there was only a few things I could do.

The first thing was contact Gavin’s insurance case manager. If your child doesn’t have a case manager, ask for one. The case manager is a single point of contact for everything related to insurance.

Rather than call and talk to a random, script ready customer service rep, you have a direct line to someone who’s sole purpose is to help insure your child gets what they need.

I spoke with Gavin’s manager in the middle of the week and explained what was going on.

She immediately got involved and took over the battle. She’s coordinating the process to get this testing approved.

We don’t have an answer just yet but she’s been in contact with me throughout the week.

As a parent, when something like this happens, you have fight and make sure that there isn’t anything you can do to help facilitate the approval process. It’s so important that you never just accept what you’re told.

Sometimes all it takes is a parent to challenge a decision, in order to get things changed. In my opinion, insurance companies are counting on people not knowing their rights. You have to remember that insurance is a for-profit industry and they want to approve as few claims as possible. Appealing is your best friend.

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