UPDATE: Gavin was in the hospital today and here’s what happened 

Update: I was so frazzled when writing this that I forgot to thank all of you for all the love, support, thoughts and prayers that were sent our way today.  It actually means a great deal to us.  ☺ 

There are times I wish I could just speak to my readers directly because it would so much easier to talk than write. 
Sometimes I struggle with putting words to my emotions and frankly, that is why I don’t write more than I do anymore. I’m overwhelmed and lacking the energy to say all I need to say. Please bare with me as I try to explain what happened with Gavin today and do so in a way that makes sense. 

It’s best I start at the beginning.  

Read This  BAD NEWS: Both boys came home from school sick today :(

I woke up this morning to Lizze and Gavin walking done the steps, trying to talk to me. I fell asleep on the couch last night while we were watching TV. Lizze left me there to sleep because I’ve been dealing with insomnia and she didn’t want to wake me up.  None of this matters and I don’t why I brought that up other than to share that I finally slept through the night. 

Gavin had used the bathroom, and when he was done, he noticed that the toilet was filled with blood. He told Lizze that he had pooped blood and she jumped out of bed, and they both told me. 

Unfortunately, Gavin flushed the toilet without letting us first see what had happened.  

Continued ———>

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