Important Update: Gavin’s Urologist Called Today

We had some things go very right today and we had some things present us with challenges. I feel like overall the day was a success, and not just because we physically survived. (see Thank God for mornings like this and read all about it) 

The main topic of this entry is centered around the phone call I received from Gavin’s Urologist’s office at the Cleveland Clinic. 

They were following up on Gavin’s emergency room visit yesterday. I think that’s a cool thing to have a doctor’s office follow up like that without being prompted. It shows they care and that’s why we love the Cleveland Clinic. 

I spoke with a nurse who wanted to know all that happened and everything the ER doctors did while we were there. We spoke for a good twenty minutes and I explained everything that happened, as well as how Gavin’s version of what actually took place is suspect because he doesn’t have the ability to accurately report information. 

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One thing they were surprised to learn was that the ER didn’t request an ultrasound of his bladder and kidneys. She went ahead and set one up for next week but I think we have to move it back a few days. 

The idea behind the ultrasound is to look for anything that may have changed since his last one. I believe they can also detect kidney stones as well. 

Another interesting thing I learned was that if Gavin had actually peed blood yesterday when says he did, there’s almost no way the urine test would have come back without evidence that had happened. The results found absolutely nothing. 

This lends credence to the belief that Gavin never actually peed blood. Perhaps it was darker than normal and he panicked. That’s totally understandable. 

What concerns me though is how far off his perception of what happened seems to have been. He insists that it was bright red and filled the toilet but every single piece of physical evidence speaks to that being an almost impossibility. 

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I worry that maybe he saw something that wasn’t there or that his ability to perceive what’s going on around him is becoming more compromised.  

Regardless of what happened or didn’t happen yesterday, everything seems back to our version of normal, at least as far as Gavin’s concerned.  

I don’t like having things left off like this because we don’t know for sure what happened.  The nurse told me that they do have kids that come through their office who pee blood for seemingly no reason at all and it never happens again. 

I’m not so much worried that he’s peeing blood anymore but rather how what was likely absolutely nothing, turned into the major scare we lived through yesterday. This physically and emotionally takes a heavy toll on Lizze and I. 

It would be nice if we could put some kind of plan in place that could help to limit things like this from happening.