Please go the f**k to sleep

It’s very quickly approaching 1:30 am and Elliott still isn’t asleep. We’ve tried everything to help him but he’s just too anxious. Melatonin hasn’t helped and neither has endless back scratching.

We had him take a relaxing bath and even tried essential oils in the diffuser.

Lizze and I are so fucking tired. We obviously can’t go to sleep until all the boys are asleep. It’s our job to ensure that not a creature is stirring, not even an Elliott. 

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Perhaps some of you are going through the same thing…  This is for you… ☺


  1. Facebook Profile photo bwiren

    Well, Santa has to bring stuff! 😉 We are all adults so not as excited. I got stuff that is going to be a surprise as there were no requests. Hopefully none of the stuff goes over like a lead balloon. With Jacob, even if it is a great idea if he didn’t think of it, he might not like it. C’est la vie! (Oh, and I’m awake due to migraine, took some more serious meds when I realized what I was doing wasn’t working.)

    Merry Christmas!

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