I re-paved the road to hell with my good intentions today

Today has not been a good day. The kids have been bouncing off the walls and has been incessantly talking all day long. 

We went to my parents house for the afternoon and the boys had a great time. Unfortunately, that just sorta turbo charged their engines and has made for a really stressful evening.  

Lizze had a pretty rough day to say the very least. I know she shared how she’s slipping backwards and that’s largely my fault. There are still some bridges that need to be crossed with some of my siblings in regards to and I getting back together, before we can put this all behind us. 

I’ll be completely honest and say that it’s an absolutely shitty situation to be in. I wish everyone could just be happy and supportive but that’s not in the cards.

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4 Comments on "I re-paved the road to hell with my good intentions today"

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Kim Gebhardt
I’m curious why you would attempt to bridge the gap when you knew Lizze was feeling fragile and (according to her blog) she asked you not to? I understand that you are in a bad spot; stuck in the middle between your wife and your siblings is not a fun place to be, but this is not something you can control or fix. Your siblings will either come around or they won’t, and no amount of forcing is going to change that. I get that Lizze’s mental illness played an enormous part of her decision to leave and I’m glad… Read more »
Kim Gebhardt
You do deserve a nice Christmas, I’m sorry if you felt I was trying to imply otherwise. I feel like your siblings have helped more than you think. They have taken the boys for ice cream or other treats, helped your with your house right after Lizze left and your brother has fixed your car several times. They made homemade bunk beds for them and one of them also helped fix your (inside) staircase when it came away from the wall. I feel like you are doing your siblings a huge disservice by acting as though they have done nothing… Read more »