2 hours of sleep

This morning was particularly rough for me personally. Elliott was up until almost 4 am and shortly after falling asleep, he woke up screaming because he must have bitten his the inside of his cheek.

He was really upset and in pain but I couldn’t figure out what was going on until we were up for the day. Elliott wasn’t able to tell me what had happened because he wasn’t fully awake. 

He did go back to sleep but when the alarm went off to get the day started, we had only had about 2 hours of sleep. 

The boys did get off to school without much issue but I’m going to have to take a nap.. 

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I have a question..if Elliott only got 2 hours of sleep, does he nap when he comes home? Does he go on little sleep for a few days and then crash?

It struck me as curious that you needed a nap (which, not judging), but they could go to school.

Kim Gebhardt
I have to wonder if it’s not counter-productive to let him nap. I’m not sure what their bedtime is, but would it be better to try to keep him awake until then and then hope he sleeps through the night? Also, have you tried having them read books at night? Not on their tablet, but actual physical books. It takes away the screen issue and I know that if I’m tired, I can only read for a little while before I fall asleep. The other plus to that is that you could take them to the library to pick out… Read more »
Jimmy Rock

Definitely in the minority but my kids love going to the library and picking out new books. I agree with Kim on all her points above. Rob, if your local public library is at all decent (or even if you have to go a little further to get to a decent one), it really is an untapped resource for you in a multitude of ways.

Kim Gebhardt

It’s nice to hear that kids still love to read and still love books!

As an aside, I have to post new posts instead of replies because I consistently get an ‘invalid captcha code’ error if I try to reply to someone.

Kim Gebhardt

Sorry to flood this post with replies, but I did a quick search for Canton library events, and while I don’t know which ones are close to you and which aren’t, I saw that they have a Lego club, they are hosting a birds of prey night (with live birds!) and they have Minecraft Mondays. It sounds like there are some really fun things happening in libraries these days.