Talking safety and peace of mind for special needs families

Talking safety and peace of mind for special needs families

As many of you know by now, I’m working very closely with Vivint, and the Vivint Gives Back Project. I’m also intimately involved with Guardian Locate, and we are partnered with Project Lifesaver International.

This puts me in a unique position to help your voices be heard.

I would like to know specifically, what you think you need to make your lives easier in regards to the battle of keeping your kids from letting themselves out of the house and wandering off or getting into things that could be harmful. What kinds of things would help you more easily keep an eye on your kids and frankly, sleep better at night?

While technology can’t fix everything, it can make things easier to manage. I’d like to know what you would need to help gain some peace of mind?


As parents of kids with special needs, we have to worry about many things that often, the rest of the world wouldn’t give a second thought to.

As time goes by and technology advances, we can learn to harness these advancements and leverage them towards making our challenges as special needs parents, a bit more manageable. -Rob GorskiClick To Tweet

We spend a significant amount of our time and energy simply trying to manage behaviors that can prove very dangerous for our kiddos. I know first hand how exhausting this is because I live it every single day and have done so for over fifteen years now.

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