Talking safety and peace of mind for special needs families

Recently, I’ve embraced technology to help my wife and I better manage the day to day challenges of raising three kids with Autism.

In my home, we’ve employed wireless cameras in key places to help us keep an eye on the boys from wherever we happen to be in the house. The cameras even act as two-way intercoms, giving us the ability to speak to them if we need their attention and allowing them to do the same if they need us. Most importantly, I have the cameras set to alert us if anyone gets out of bed at night. This would be amazing if my kids would actually sleep at night. Like I said, technology can’t fix everything.

We also have door and window sensors on all exterior doors and windows. If any door or window is opened, we are immediately notified which door or window was triggered.

As time goes by and technology advances, we can learn to harness these advancements and leverage them towards making our challenges as special needs parents, a bit more manageable.

Your voice is crucial because everyone’s situation is different. What’s working out well for my family, may not do the same for yours. Maybe you need something different, and that’s exactly what I’m looking to find out. I would like to be able to take what I learn here and help make it a reality.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, exhausted and constantly worried about my kids. I’m struggling with that myself right now, more than usual. We all experience things differently but share many of the same worries and challenges when it comes to raising kids with special needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the technology I’m using in my home, please visit my complete write up by clicking here. You can also visit the Vivint Gives Back Project directly, by clicking here.

The Vivint Gives Back Project is dedicated to helping special needs families. They provide home security/automation equipment to families that have kids with Autism or other physical or cognitive disorders. The goal is to help eliminate the risk of a child letting themselves out of the house and wandering away. The equipment is at no cost, and monthly service is based on your families income and ranges from $14 – $40/month.  



Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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