We had some last minute appointments come up today

We had a lot minute appointment come up this afternoon for Lizze. She’s having a pretty rough go at things right now and needs a little extra help.

Gavin and I are both just hanging out in the waiting room.

Life for Lizze isn’t always fun. Chronic pain and bipolar disorder, make things very challenging for her. Considering all she’s dealing with on her own, she does a remarkable job in regards to continuing to get back up and move forward.

The last few days have been particularly challenging for her.

When she sees thing heading in this direction, she makes sure to get additional help.

We both do our best to give each other time to rest or just time to escape the chaos. It’s not a perfect system but it’s part of the team effort we put into our kids, every single day. When one of us is weakened by the exhaustive journey, the other tries to pick up the slack and carry the load for a little bit, giving a break to whichever one of us needs it the most.

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  • bwiren says:

    I’m glad you have each other.