Is knee surgery in our future? -

Is knee surgery in our future?

Alright. Lizze had her knee x-ray, and as expected, it went just fine. We don’t know what they show, but the process was smooth. She got in early, and we had about an hour to kill before she sees her doctor to learn the results.

I was mistaken about her having an MRI on her knee today as well. She needs it and will have it done, but insurance required the x-ray first, and then we can schedule a return trip for the second MRI.

It would be nice to knock this all out today, but insurance is being difficult. It’s only about an hour long drive to get here, so it’s not a huge deal. We just can’t get enough of the Cleveland Clinic. 🙄

Hopefully, we’ll at least know for sure if surgery is in her future, and if so, how extensive.

Also, on a side note, we’re hoping to sneak some lunch in before too long. I’m starving.

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