Can #ADHD make it difficult for kids to fall asleep? 

It’s now pushing midnight as I’m writing this and Mr. Elliott is still awake. He’s having the hardest time falling asleep lately. 

Emmett was the one struggling for so long and now that he’s doing better, Elliott is trading places with him. I’m not sure what this is all about, or how to help him through this. 

Tonight is the first time that I’m going to leave him to his own devices, rather than take him downstairs to sleep on the couch. By own devices I mean, he has to stay on the second floor and not wake up his brother. 

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He’s all snuggled up in his bed, watching something on Netflix.
This is typically what I would do if we camped out in the living room. He knows Lizze and I are in the next room. I don’t think he’d go downstairs but if he does, he’ll set off the motion sensors and my phone will alert me. 

I’ve been reading about parents having sleep troubles with their kids that have ADHD. Elliott is a child diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. It hadn’t occurred to me that this could be also be ADHD related. It makes sense because all the thoughts in his brain are constantly churning and he can’t shut it off. Melatonin is no longer effective either. Just putting that out there. 

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My question to you is this..  Does your child with ADHD struggle to fall asleep? If so, why do you think that is? Have you found anything that helps? 


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    My son with mild ADHD and fibromyalgia has issues, because if he hurts too much he can’t sleep. So I don’t know how much is related to the ADHD. Now, I have mild Asperger’s but not ADHD, and I always had sleep issues. My son Jacob, who has Asperger’s with ADHD, ALWAYS had sleep issues.

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