For the first time in a very long time

My apologies for not having anything new in the last day or so. I thought I would get everyone caught up while I’m camping out in the living room with Mr. Emmett, who’s getting mouth sores again.  🙁 

He’s in a lot of pain and this is about all I can do to help him sleep tonight. 

Anyway, let’s get caught up. 
The boys were gone for the night on Friday and Lizze and I had the house to ourselves. We decided to go see The Lego Batman Movie. It was pretty good and we had fun. 

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On the way home, we got some ice cream and hung out on the couch with our deal old friend, Netflix. 

We aren’t used to going out and Lizze was still having issues with her hip and I was still getting over being sick, although I was feeling much better. 

The following day was spent sleeping in and then sleeping some more. When we did get up and moving, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a walk at the park. 

After our walk, I dropped Lizze off at home because she was going somewhere with her Mom later that evening and needed to get ready. 

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From there, I dropped something off at my parents and then hit the post office and grocery store. By the time I was done, the boys were just about home. 

It was a really awesome to be able to spend time with Lizze, without the kids driving us crazy. 

I’m exhausted but I’ll catch ya’ll later. 


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