How I know when it’s best to keep my son with #Autism home from school

At the advice of one of my readers, who suggested providing more insight into the how’s and why’s of our life, I thought I would take that advice and begin with a decision we often struggle with, every single morning. 

I want to take a few minutes and explain what goes into deciding whether or not we keep Emmett home from school. This may seem like a weird topic but I know many parents in my situation, likely struggle with the same thing. 

Emmett is our youngest of three with Autism, at eight years of age. 

He’s profoundly impacted by sensory processing disorder. He struggles with things coming into contact with his skin. Wearing clothes, shoes, socks or anything else can be very, very uncomfortable for him. In fact, it can be downright painful as well. 

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Emmett also struggles greatly with eating. He’s so sensitive to things like color, taste, smell, presentation, shapes, texture, non-American food items touching and even changes in packaging, that it interferes with his food intake at almost every single meal. 

Getting ready for school is a struggle on most days. Emmett loves school, is well liked and is at the top of his class academically. In other words, he has no reason to want to stay home. 

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