Does this mean we’re famous? LOL

I wanted to share this because it was really cool and Emmett is super excited.

As I’ve shared previously, I’ve been using the Nokia Thermo Smart Thermometer to keep track of Emmett fevers. (See How the Thermo Smart Thermometer made our lives easier). We absolutely love this thing and I wrote a very honest review and Emmett was a big part of it.

We shared the experience we’ve had using this device and how it’s made tracking a very complicated fever disorder much easier and more efficient.

Nokia was very interested in our experience in particular, due to Emmett’s fever disorder.

Most people won’t use something like this very often and we need to use it several times a day, every day.

Anyway, Emmett and I were featured on Nokia’s blog this week. This has been an awesome experience and Emmett really enjoys using the Thermo. I know that sounds weird but it gives his more control over his condition and he finds comfort in that.

Please take a minute and check out the featured article on Nokia’s site. Again, if you need a new thermometer, check out the Thermo. 🙂

‘The Autism Dad’ On Fever Tracking With Thermo


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