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3 tips guaranteed to make you a better #Autism parent

Are you new to Autism Parenting? Here are 3 tips that will help you become the best #Autism Parent you can be.

#Autism 101: Understanding Meltdows

Do you know the difference between an Autism related Meltdown and a tantrum? If you said no, you’re probably not alone. Meltdowns are easily one of the most misunderstood facets of Autism and I’m going to help you better understand. When you’re done, please help me share it so I can continue educating the public …

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Exploring The Great Outdoors With Your Autistic Children

This is a collaborative post and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author or this blog.. Image Credit Most parents of children with autism will be familiar with one of the major calling cards of the condition: a tendency towards insular behavior. Children (and adults) with autism have a tendency towards …

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Moving Home With Kids Ain’t Easy; Relocating With Autistic Kids Is Harder Still

This is a sponsored post  Any parent who has ever relocated after having children will confirm that it can be a challenging period. After all, the prospect of leaving behind everything they know – from friends to school – can be rather daunting for kids to accept. When a child suffers from autism, though, a …

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Sitting around waiting to be seen by Dr. Pattie

Sitting around waiting to be seen by Dr. Pattie Family therapy is something that my family has benefited from for a very, very long time. It’s something that can benefit any family, especially those dealing with things like Autism because the stress involved is so incredibly high.

Wishes Can Happen Granted My Son’s Biggest Wish (All The Pictures)

I wanted to put all the pictures from our Wishes Can Happen trip to Give Kids the World in one place. People have suggested putting everything in one place because it’s easier to view them all and refer back to if need be.

You might be an #Autism parent is you can relate to any of these

Sometimes a quote can provide enough inspiration to make it through the day. Here’s a bunch of my personal quotes from the past few years that people have really appreciated and I wanted to put them all in one place. Please feel free to share these freely. All I ask is you not modify them …

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Does this mean we’re famous? LOL

I wanted to share this because it was really cool and Emmett is super excited. As I’ve shared previously, I’ve been using the Nokia Thermo Smart Thermometer to keep track of Emmett fevers. (See How the Thermo Smart Thermometer made our lives easier). We absolutely love this thing and I wrote a very honest review and Emmett was …

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