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#Autism + Haircut = MAJOR SUCKAGE

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Elliott was feeling better this afternoon and I took advantage of that. He was desperately in need of a haircut and he was actually willing to get one. These opportunities don’t come around very often because he hates getting his hair cut. Normally haircuts are a rather nightmarish event that… Read more »

All I can do is what I feel in the moment, is best

It’s been a pretty good day today. The boys seem to be doing better and I’m hoping that they can both return to school in the morning. Elliott’s fever is gone and he’s feeling fine now. I don’t know what was going on this morning. I don’t know how Emmett… Read more »

Please don’t get any worse

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The boys are both home from school today. Emmett’s par for the course with his fever flare and Elliott woke up the morning running a fever of 101.2°F and not feeling well. There’s shit going around the school and it looks like it may have come home with Elliott. It’s… Read more »

Caring for an Autistic Child’s Hair

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This is a collaborative post and may not reflect the views or opinions of this blog or its author.     Image source If you have an autistic child, cutting hair can be a struggle. In fact, simple hair brushing can often lead into screaming, meltdowns, hitting, biting, and behavior… Read more »

I’m so fricking tired of these impossible decisions

I get so frustrated and overwhelmed because there are so many impossible decisions that need to be made on what feels like a daily basis. What are impossible decisions? Impossible decisions are decisions that must be made knowing that there are no good options to choose from. At the risk… Read more »

#Autism Parenting: Picking the BEST of the WORST options

We have therapy for the boys tonight but Lizze isn’t feeling well and she will probably stay behind. It will likely be the boys and I heading out tonight. Tonight’s focus is going to be on school for Elliott and Emmett. We have to figure something out because while the… Read more »

Exploring The Great Outdoors With Your Autistic Children

This is a collaborative post and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author or this blog.. Image Credit Most parents of children with autism will be familiar with one of the major calling cards of the condition: a tendency towards insular behavior. Children (and adults) with… Read more »

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