It’s not been a terrible day

It’s not a secret that I struggle with sleep. Most autism and special needs parents struggle with sleep. I’m simply following that same unwritten rule that we must constantly function while chronically sleep deprived.

Anyway, I had the best night of sleep last night. My sleep score was in the 80’s and I woke up feeling pretty goddam amazing.

Emmett slept in his room all night long and I’m sure that helped. I’m also sleeping on a new Purple mattress and OMG, it’s amazing. My back is a little sore because I have to get used to a completely different type of mattress but it’s amazing. I’ve been waking up in the same position I feel asleep in and that’s unusual for me. I’ll have more on that later.

Anyway, the boys and I took care of the 2nd round of leaves in the yard. Our yard collects the neighborhood leaves because it’s fenced in. I guess they blow in but can’t blow back out. This is what it looks like a few times a week, all the way through December and sometimes into January.

Thankfully, if I stay on top of everything, I can mulch the leaves rather than bag them up. Unfortunately, it’s been raining alot lately and I can’t keep up with it in 40°F rain.

Last night we were able to get things caught up but you wouldn’t know if you looked at it this afternoon.

Yes, I have 3 kids and yes, they do help now. That said, they also have limited attention spans so that can be challenging. Either way, I do what I can and this is the first leaf season with my new lawnmower and it’s does amazingly well.

It’s been raining again so I won’t be able to get back out to play catchup until at least tomorrow.

I think we’re gonna focus on the inside of the house today. There are a few projects I need to get done before I get into the nightmare that will surely ensue as the election nears.

Hopefully, I can get a Jumpstart on this week’s pod and not have to scramble at the last minute.

You folks stay safe and enjoy your day.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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We have a much bigger yard, and most of the leaves do get blown. But out the back door we have quite a cover. I hope to get out there soon, maybe next weekend when it is back to 60 instead of today’s wintry mess. Then I mow/mulch and feel quite virtuous. But seriously, if it gets too late and cold and wet in the season we can end up with some leaf cover that may kill the grass. Oh well.

Glad you all got something done. Good that you got enough sleep! I’m kind of stressed and hope I can sleep better after the election.