So Gavin started running a low grade fever tonight

It’s been a really challenging day for about a million reasons. I was going to touch on some of those reasons but yet another issue has made itself known and this is going to be the priority until I know otherwise.

Gavin is running what is a low grade fever for him. He’s very much like his mother in the sense that they usually run a bit low and almost never run a fever. Lizze was notorious for having really bad strep throat but never running a fever. Gavin’s always been very similar.

Elliott noticed that Gavin’s ears were bright red and became concerned. I’m not worried about his ears being red but to help put his concerns to rest and that of Gavin’s because Elliott said something to him, I took his temperature.

He was 99.3°F which again, it’s not a big deal but it’s high for him. Gavin became convinced that it was COVID, which for the record, I do not think it is.

I sent him to play the Xbox for a little while because viode games serve as a really nice distraction. I figured I check him again before bed. I checked him again and it was a little higher this time. He’s at 99.5°F at the moment. Again, I’m not super worried about because he’s feeling fine and we have been extremely careful.

Were he still in school, this would be enough to keep him home. If you recall, the school has policy that if a student hits 99.5°F, they aren’t allowed in the building and must be at a normal temp for 24 hours prior to returning. That was before the pandemic.

Having said that, if he approaches what is medically considered to be a fever, I’m not entirely sure what to do. He may have to further quarantine in his room and we may need to wear masks inside.

Personally, my suspension is that if anything, this is the result of his IVIG infusion this morning. He doesn’t typically have a reaction but running a fever isn’t something that’s out of the question and it’s not something we check for anymore on his infusion days. In other words, this could be perfectly normal for his infusion days.

Either way, I made sure to let Lizze know what was going on and I’ll call if anything gets significantly worse. I don’t think it will but I didn’t give him anything like Motrin or Tylenol because I do want to see where this goes on its own.

I’ll check him again in the morning and we’ll go from there.

Out of an abundance of caution, and because it never hurts, please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers. Feel free to keep the rest of us in there as well.

Thanks folks. I fully expect to update you all in the morning that everything is fine.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

Hope that Gavin’s temperature goes back down once he has some rest. And all the best wishes to you and your sons. I’m hoping we’ll all soon see some light at the end of this pandemic in the coming months. And hoping the new vaccines will halt and eradicate it.

Jennifer Myers

Hope he’s better when he awakens today.