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Managing my #Depression: An Important Update

Depression has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. There have been times when I manage to maintain the upper hand and there are… Read more »

Maybe it’s a #Depression thing

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My major accomplishment today is doing Gavin’s IVIG infusion. I’m gonna be honest and say that the bar is set pretty low at the moment. I’m feeling rundown and sorta… Read more »

Depression Confessions: How the @fisherwallace Stimulator is helping me battle #Depression

UPDATE: I was speaking Chip Fisher, the President of Fisher Wallace Laboratories and received an update on insurance companies that are now covering the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.  I’ll add to… Read more »

Depression Confessions: A very personal post about managing #Depression

Today was one of those days where I seriously need a break. The holidays alone are a tremendous amount of pressure. There’s parties and family get togethers that really add… Read more »

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