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How much time do you spend each day worrying about your child with #Autism? 

Do you worry about your child with #Autism? What kinds of things do you worry about? After reading my thoughts, do we share any of the same worries?

Will your child with #Autism ever be able to drive? 

“Learning to drive is sort of a right of passage for teenagers. It’s somewhat of a defining moment that most teens simply can’t wait to experience.

That said, what happens when your teenager is on the Autism Spectrum?”

Does your kid with #Autism freak out when they have the hiccups? 

Has your child with #Autism ever had the hiccups? How did they react to this?

Serious Question: How would you react if your child came home from school with an injury like this 

I want to know how you would respond if your child came home with an injury like mine did today and you have to learn about it from them

Is there something that totally freaks out your child with #Autism?

I thought it might be interesting to compare notes and see what life is like for other families with kids on the spectrum.

I love my kids with #Autism but summer break is approaching and I’m getting nervous

If your anything like me, you might be getting a bit nervous about summer break approaching because of all the challenges it presents to Autism parents… Read why I’m nervous and I’ve been doing this for over a decade..

Few people are harder on our kids with #Autism than they are on themselves

Do you see this type of thing in your child with #Autism?

Another reason why the #vaccine and #Autism debate is ridiculous

So here’s a controversial topic but something I think we should all think about