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It’s not at all what we expected

I’m keeping this brief because I’m exhausted, both emotionally and physically. That said, I did want to let you know what happened at Lizze’s appointment with her orthopedic specialist. The X-rays came back and apparently; there’s nothing that requires surgical intervention. That’s awesome but not at all what we thought was going to happen. Lizze …

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Is knee surgery in our future?

Alright. Lizze had her knee x-ray, and as expected, it went just fine. We don’t know what they show, but the process was smooth. She got in early, and we had about an hour to kill before she sees her doctor to learn the results. I was mistaken about her having an MRI on her …

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A quick update before I try to go to sleep

It’s been a crazy long day and tomorrow is going to be even worse, at least for me. I’ll talk about that in the coming days. For now, I wanted to let you guys know how Gavin’s MRI went. Gavin is typically super cooperative but can still be difficult to work with. He doesn’t do …

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We’ve arrived at @myakrongeneral for Gavin’s MRI and things have changed

We’ve made it to Akron General but something has change and things now make more sense.