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I age 5 years everytime this happens

I’m waiting to hear back from the doctor in regards to Gavin’s lab results. The only way I can explain how excruciating this wait is for would be to relate it to a young child on Christmas Eve. Maybe that’s a bad example. It’s not the excitement but rather the extreme anxiety of knowing it’s …

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I’ve got heartbreaking news

I received a phone call this morning from Dr. Reynolds office. I assumed they were calling to move our appointment again but I was wrong. Apparently, Gavin’s labs from yesterday came in and his numbers are dropping again. Right before we left for Florida, he had labs drawn. His Absolute Neutrophil was 3 and his …

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Major Gavin Update: Clozapine change

You may remember that we began reducing the amount of Clozapine he’s taking to manage the symptoms of Schizophrenia. Due to negative side effects that involve serious issues with his blood, we are reducing the dosage. Before we left for Florida, we worked with Dr. Reynolds to move Gavin from 600 mg/day to 500 mg/day. …

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I’m hopeful this will produce a positive outcome

Beginning today, Gavin will be on a reduced dose of Clozapine. We will be dropping from 600 mg/day, down to 500 mg/day until we return from Gavin’s wish being granted by Wishes Can Happen in October. We don’t want any medication changes to take place during the trip for a million reasons, one of them …

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The decision has been made

We just got out of Gavin’s appointment, and my God it took forever. The two and a half hour wait sucked but I can’t really complain because they squeezed us in. This appointment was purposed to discuss Gavin’s medication, specifically the Clozapine and it’s impact on his health. I’m exhausted after all of this, and …

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Bad news about Gavin and the tough decisions ahead 

We met with Dr. Pattie tonight, for Tuesday night family therapy. I’m trying to help you out by specifically mentioning Tuesday because if you’re anything like me, after the holiday weekend, you don’t even know what day it is. The main topic tonight was Gavin. Even if we had other things to talk about tonight, …

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