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3 Things To Bear In Mind After A Divorce

It’s a situation that nobody wants to be part of, but statistically around half of those who are married will get divorced. Because it is so common, it is a good idea to at least partly preparing yourself for such an eventuality, so that it is less of a devastating shock if it does happen. …

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How @ThreadLearning is dramatically improving communication between #Autism parents and support professionals

Thread is a new way for #Autism parents to communicate with their support professionals and it’s pretty awesome.

Get the Best Health Insurance When You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Despite the lowered unemployment rate, a majority of workers are still living paycheck to paycheck. reports 8 out of 10 workers today are living paycheck to paycheck, even those with higher salaries.

Caring Parents Always Follow These Set Behaviors

Some parents have the entire world on their shoulders as they struggle to make each day count, and find the challenges they’re faced with as a duty they must take care of.

How To Naturally Treat Your Mental Health

Thankfully, the stigma against mental health is beginning to lift, and many people who may have shrugged off depression or anxiety are beginning to understand that mental health is indeed, an important aspect of health care. When suffering with a mental health problem, it’s important to always make sure that you speak to your Doctor …

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Ideas for Throwing the Perfect #Autism Friendly Birthday Party

Being a parent in this day and age is tough enough, but it can be even more difficult with life as an autism parent. There is a lot of hard work, and it takes time to get into any kind of routine. It’s not the same as parenting a child who doesn’t have autism, and …

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