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Will you stand with me? 

While I avoid politics on this site, I feel compelled to take a stand and use my platform to share a message that I hope with resonate with my readers.  I don’t care who you voted for in this election. Right or wrong, I believe that we each voted for someone we felt would do …

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#Autism Dad Confessions: I feel so much stress and pressure that I’m physically ill

“I don’t share this stuff to garner sympathy because we all have our crosses to bare. I share them in order to help you better understand what an Autism or special needs family might be going through.”

This #Autism Dad is climbing up on his soapbox for a good cause

“Kids with Autism, very often have demanding and complex needs that are not easily met.”

Why are my wife and I in marriage counseling? 

Caretaker burnout is very real and can be devastating to families. Please read our story and learn from our experience. Share this and help me reach the community.

I’m an #Autism Dad: Please don’t confuse my honesty for negativity

“This blog isn’t for everyone but if you don’t read because you haven’t had Autism touch your life yet, I’d reconsider”

My teen with #Autism was frisked by police today and here’s what happened

“I was thinking to myself, OMG please let Gavin be okay with this because sometimes he can be unpredictable when it comes to being touched.”

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