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If we don’t care for ourselves as parents, #Autism parenting will become unsustainable  

Every single human being ever born, has limits to what they are capable of doing or coping with.

You’re not as bad a parent as you may think

It’s so easy to tear myself down over what I feel are weaknesses or inadequacies on my part. I find that more often than not, I catch myself comparing my parenting abilities to that of the typical parents I’m surrounded by all the time. Read more at the link below

Why it’s so hard to keep my kids with #Autism and #SPD fed

This issomething I’ve been meaning to talk about but haven’t gotten around to it. I know many of you parenting kids with Autism and or sensory processing disorder will be able to relate to this.  I’m talking about how difficult it can be to feed my kids.  This is one of those things that unless …

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A sometimes politically incorrect open letter about #Autism Parenting 

Going into this post, please know that I truly understand that every parent faces challenge and struggle. Parenting isn’t easy and that should go without saying.  When I speak about the unique challenges facing Autism parents, it’s not meant to invalidate the difficulties associated with everyday parenting. At the same time, just as it’s important …

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You Might Be An Autism Parent If This Post Makes Total Sense 

I got everything I needed to get done this morning, done. That’s pretty awesome. That being said, it’s one of those days where I am just so beat, I ended up having to take a nap. It may seem like taking a nap is more of a choice and I guess in a way it …

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#Autism Parenting is a truly unique and challenging experience, set inside the larger world of parenting in general

I sure have been quiet lately and I’m sorry for that.  The truth is I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed and writing about it sometimes feels like living through it twice. Forcing myself to write doesn’t end up being helpful at all because it’s writing to maintain the blog instead of writing to maintain myself. That said, …

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