It’s time to get brutally honest about #Autism Parenting (pt 2): The Positives

Here’s the follow up to It’s time to get brutally honest about #Autism Parenting (pt 1) from last night.  I encourage you to read the first part by clicking the link above.  This will help to put this post into perspective and proper context. Also, I know that some may not be able to relate because their lives are more challenging than mine and my heart goes out to you..

While studies have shown that Autism Mom’s and Dad’s, experience stress levels akin to that of active duty combat soldiers (this is totally true, look it up), there’s more to Autism Parenting than just stress.

It’s sometimes hard to focus on the positive things because often times the negatives are so overwhelming that the positive sorta gets lost in the struggle.

Again, as I said in the previous post, I’m speaking only for myself but I wouldn’t be shocked if many of you can relate.

As a single Dad to 3 boys in various places on the Autism Spectrum, I have a challenging responsibility. In spite of that challenge, I try really hard not to lose sight of the many amazing things that being an Autism Parent has brought into my life.


I make a significant effort to focus on the amazing things that transpire in my life, as a direct result of being an Autism Parent. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not always easy or even possible but it’s still worth the effort.

My kids have taught me more than I can probably ever teach them.

In the previous post, I made a I feel guilty because list and now it’s time to balance the scales a bit with some positive aspects of Autism, at least in regards to my kiddos.

My kids have taught me what pure, unconditional love means, to both give and receive.

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