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It’s been well over a month 

I feel so much better after a nap. I need a night where I can manage a solid eight hours. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those.  I’m getting ready to go pick up Emmett from school and take him to occupational therapy. It’s been a long time since he’s been there. Between …

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Give me 30 seconds and I’ll show you what occupational therapy is like for kids with #Autism 

Ever wondered what occupational therapy is like for kids with #Autism? Wonder no more. Check out this post and see for yourself.. ☺

What my son with #Autism did in occupational therapy today (lots of pictures) 

“I hope these pictures help you to gain some insight into the things that go down in OT when you’re a kid with Autism and sensory processing disorder.”

It’s been a really rough day but there was a silver lining 

“They refer to him as a seeker because he’s constantly seeking sensory input. Today was all about crashing and bashing.”

Today’s Victory: Fantastic News About Emmett

In the spirit of trying to remain focused on the positive, I have some really good news to share this afternoon.  While at Akron Children’s Hospital this afternoon for Gavin’s Speech Therapy, I inquired about Emmett’s return to Occupational Therapy. The news I received was a really positive boost to my afternoon.  Emmett’s therapist has …

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Problems with Occupational Therapy 

Gavin and I are here at Akron Children’s Hospital for his Speech Therapy. While we were here, I had to check on what the deal was with Emmett’s Occupational Therapy, since it was stopped during his Functional Independence Group.  The group finished up a week ago and Emmett was supposed to pick right back up …

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This is some of what Emmett did in Occupational Therapy this week

This was Emmett’s first week in his new therapy schedule. Here’s how things went…..

We’ve finally made it to therapy for the first time in 5 weeks

It’s proving to be a pretty decent afternoon