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I’m so fucking overwhelmed

I’m trying to write more but the truth is, I’m barely fucking hanging on right now. Last night, in a massive emotional outbursts, Emmett ripped up his schoolwork. He wasn’t trying to be difficult or oppositional. He’s so overwhelmed by everything and simply not coping well. We’ve officially crossed a line with the schoolwork at …

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Managing Depression on Lockdown (S3E12)

In this episode, I open up about how I’m managing my depression while I’m on total lockdown with my 3 Autistic kids. Those of us who live with mental health issues may find ourselves struggling more because of all that’s going on around us. I hope that my experience can help someone else. Please remember …

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#Depression is making life very challening

It’s been a really busy day. I recorded two interviews and finalized another one for next week. I want to get as far ahead of myself as I can because the Florida trip is going to throw things off schedule. This way I pods releasing for the next few weeks. I just need to edit …

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#Depression is absolutely kicking my ass

I had a nice chat with my Dad this afternoon. I called to see how he was doing because he’s been sick. He’s sorta feeling better but now my Mom is sick. We only spent a few minutes on the phone but I sorta unloaded a bit and it was something I really needed to …

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#Depression is kicking my ass tonight

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because my head is pounding and I need sleep. Writing has become a bit more challenging for me lately. Depression is exerting a good deal of control over my life right now. I’m working to regain control but it’s not easy. I’m very overwhelmed and I’m constantly …

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Here’s why #depression is hitting me so hard right now

Last night I shared a tweet and I wanted to to further explain. First of all, I truly appreciate the love and support. It means a lot. While I didn’t sleep well last night because Emmett didn’t sleep well, today is a new day and I’m in a better place. I’m just gonna put this …

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