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#Depression is kicking my ass tonight

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because my head is pounding and I need sleep. Writing has become a bit more challenging for me lately. Depression is exerting a good deal of control over my life right now. I’m working to regain control but it’s not easy. I’m very overwhelmed and I’m constantly …

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Here’s why #depression is hitting me so hard right now

Last night I shared a tweet and I wanted to to further explain. First of all, I truly appreciate the love and support. It means a lot. While I didn’t sleep well last night because Emmett didn’t sleep well, today is a new day and I’m in a better place. I’m just gonna put this …

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#Depression sucks: I’m feeling alone right now and not particularly good about myself

I’m feeling completely overwhelmed today. Emmett is sick and Gavin has started cursing every time he gets frustrated. It’s becoming an issue because he already has no filter. Everytime he says something inappropriate, Elliott and Emmett jump all over it. They aren’t fans of cursing and I don’t generally use that language in front of …

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I’m fighting #Depression tonight

We had a pretty good day. I didn’t make it to the park to go walking, but it’s okay because I needed to rest instead. I use Biostrap to track my vitals, and it tracks tons of valuable information. It also lets you know when you’ve recovered from the previous day’s workout, and when you …

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I’ve been taking #Prozac for about 8 weeks now

I wanted to share a quick update in regards to my ongoing war with Depression. As many of you already know, I’ve been in a lifelong war with Depression. Recently, I shared that I went back to my doctor because I wasn’t coping with life, and I was drowning in negative thoughts. About eight weeks …

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Update: How I’m managing my #Depression

As many of you know, I’ve been warring with Depression for most of my life. I talk about managing Depression as an ongoing war because there will be many battles, some I’ll win and some I won’t. Recently, I decided that I needed to get more help in managing my Depression because I was significantly …

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