It was a rough transition for the boys tonight -

It was a rough transition for the boys tonight

Tonight’s transition home from their Mom’s house proved to be a tough one.  Elliott was in a mood and Emmett was still barefoot. We ended up going to Walmart and everyone went willingly.  

We had to grab a few items, including CR-2032 batteries for Elliott toy and my scale.  

Elliott struggled to stay on task and was distracted by things he wanted but I couldn’t/wouldn’t get for him.  Emmett had a very loud, very public meltdown because he couldn’t decide on the snack he wanted to get.  

All things considered, I feel like they did really well and I’m proud of them.  

When we got home, everyone put the groceries away while I cut the grass, so the boys could play outside before bed. 

There was some fighting between Elliott and Emmett before, during and after getting ready for bed but we figured it out.  Emmett had a had time falling asleep but he did eventually.  

I spent a large part of my evening on the phone and working on a few things.  I gonna take a hot bath and do some reading before going to bed myself.  

I have an enormous amount on my mind and I need to process some of it before I’ll be able to fall asleep.  I did sleep for most of the day and so I’m not all that tired right now…. Even so, I’m going to put on some music and simply relax until I can close my eyes for the night.  

My hope is that you are all peacefully sleeping while I’m writing this and if not, I hope you find whatever amount of sleep you need.  ☺ 

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