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Navigating #divorce with #Autistic kids can be very, very challenging but not impossible

We had a very, very emotional Wednesday night therapy session. It was emotional for a number of reasons but it ended in a positive way and the kids are better for it. I was a less than ideal situation but it was the lesser of two evils and kids needed to have some questions answered …

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The Good New and The Bad News

The boys had an overnight visit with their mom and grandparents last night. The very first of 2020. There were some minor issues with one of the kids while they were out and I called their mom last night to make sure everything was okay. She had handled the sitution well and I was more …

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Clothes shopping for my kids is very overwhelming for this single Dad

Being a single Mom or Dad is a tremendous amount of responsibility. Being a single parent to special needs children is even more responsibility. I’m learning to navigate those challenges as we speak. Both Elliott and Emmett have outgrown their winter coats. I mentioned that I had looked over the weekend because I knew we …

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I’ve been a single Dad to my 3 #Autistic kids for exactly 3 months now and here’s the truth

It’s been three months since I became a single Dad again and I’m still trying to find my footing. It’s not easy to grieve, while being a full time Dad and caregiver to three amazing kids with special needs. This time around, I think I’m adjusting a bit quicker than I did before. Adjusting doesn’t …

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I know some won’t agree with my approach and frankly, I don’t f*cking care

Man, I didn’t sleep well last night. Emmett ended up in my room pretty early on. He tried for hours to fall asleep in his bed but couldn’t. As soon as his head hit the pillow, after returning to my room, ahe was out like a light. He’s really struggling with feeling safe and there’s …

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It’s a start

I knew going into my first night sleeping alone, that it would likely be short-lived. I was right. I fell asleep around midnight and Emmett was still in his own bed. When I say I was alone in my bed, Ruby was there. She likes to sleep under the blanket, right up against my back. …

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