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Behavioral problems we’re dealing with while on vacation

We’re having an amazing time in Florida and for the most part, it’s going really well. There’s so much benefit to having time away from our lives like this, but there’s also a downside as well. The downside I’m referring to is in regards to Autism related complications. It’s nothing terrible but it does present …

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Wishes Can Happen: Elliott’s still feeling like poo

Elliott is still feeling like poo on a bad day. His fever is down a bit and that’s good. I’m not sure what we’re going to do because he doesn’t feel up to doing anything. I took Gavin and Emmett to breakfast this morning, while Lizze stayed back with Elliott. They were able to have …

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Give Kids the World (@GKTWVillage): Pictures from day 2

There’s so much to do down here in Florida. Give Kids the World is the most amazing place I’ve personally ever been to. Here are a few pictures from life sized Candy Land and from lunch or dinner, I can’t honestly remember. 😁 [foogallery id=”66265″]

Wishes Can Happen: Houston we might have a problem

Things were going really well, especially considering all the issues associated with taking three kids with Autism on a fifteen or twenty hour cross country car ride. There are a few things that have proven to be understandably problematic but that’s for another post. Unfortunately, Elliott is getting sick and at present is running a …

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Wishes Can Happen: Legoland 2017

We made it to Legoland today and the boys had so much fun. Several parts of the park were closed, and the weather was kinda crappy but it didn’t actually rain. ☺ It’s pretty much an amazing place that awesome for kids and tales grownups back to their childhood. We were really lucky because the …

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Wishes Can Happen: Seeing the ocean for the first time ever

The boys had the most amazing experience yesterday. We were in day three of Gavin’s Wishes Can Happen trip and it was time to visit the ocean. I talked previously about our hotel and how we were on the beach. Unfortunately, by the time we had arrived, the weather was horrible and it was dark. …

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We’ve arrived at Give Kids the World (@GKTWVillage)

We finally arrived at Give Kids the World today. It was about a ninety minute drive from Daytona Beach, so it was a quick trip, relatively speaking. We’re mostly settled into our amazing condo and I was able to crash for a couple of hours. I’ll explain how everything works in more detail later on. …

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Day 2: We’ve made it to Florida for Gavin’s Wishes Can Happen trip

It’s about 11:30 PM and we are settling into our room in Daytona Beach. We were and frankly still are floored by our room. Our hotel is literally on the beach. I can stand on our balcony and throw a rock into the ocean. As I’m sitting here, I can hear the waves crashing into …

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