Wishes Can Happen: Seeing the ocean for the first time ever

Wishes Can Happen: Seeing the ocean for the first time ever

The boys had the most amazing experience yesterday. We were in day three of Gavin’s Wishes Can Happen trip and it was time to visit the ocean. I talked previously about our hotel and how we were on the beach. Unfortunately, by the time we had arrived, the weather was horrible and it was dark.

It wasn’t until the next morning that we had had our first chance to actually see the ocean the way it was meant to be seen, up close and personal. ☺

If I had to summarize this experience in one word, I would first protest that to do it justice, I needed more words but then I would simply say amazing. It was absolutely amazing.

The boys were in total awe.

Emmett was particularly captived by the physics of the tide. I know that sounds weird, but if you know Emmett, you’re smiling right now, saying that’s totally an Emmett thing to do. He spent so much time observing the water and how it impacted the sand around his feet. He loved playing in the ocean as well though and he even got wet. ☺

We did have a small and somewhat annoying problem with Mr. Gavin. You’ll notice in the pictures below that he’s wearing jeans. That’s because he removed from his bag, some of the new clothes we bought him before leaving. More specifically, he removed his swim trunks and shorts. I don’t know why he did that but it is what it is and we’re going to have to go clothes shopping for him again in the morning. O_o

Aside from that little hiccup, Gavin had a total blast playing in the water. He was more of a short-term interest though because he wanted to go back to our room. lol

Elliott loved the ocean and was particularly interested in finding shells. There were some but most we bits and pieces of their former selves and he wasn’t interested in those. He was the hardest to pull away from the water when it was time to leave.

It was so amazing to see them experiencing something as profound as gazing at the ocean for the very first time in their lives. It was a truly memorable experience and I can’t thank Wishes Can Happen enough for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

At this point, it’s time to show you the pictures of this fantastic experience. They are probably two pages of thumbnails. Clicking on an image will bring up a larger version and you can either swipe or click on the arrows to scroll through the images. You may have to do that for both pages, I’m not sure.

[foogallery id=”66168″]

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