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Documenting Your Family Life Can Be A Real Adventure

This is a contributed post and therefore may not reflect the views of this blog or its author.  If you learn anything from this blog, it should be how families are absolutely nothing without love, and despite the challenges that might be present in your personal home situation you can always overcome them, or at …

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I’m glad you asked…

I’m back again. It’s been a frustrating couple of days but I’m on my new server and have finally got most everything buttoned-up. There are some cosmetic things that need work and again, you will need to register again for security reasons, but this has been a positive move. During the move, I lost all …

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I can’t control the actions of every asshole on the Internet

I’m having a rough evening because of my stupid Internet stalker. Facebook fixed all the issues and things were good for a few days. I hadn’t posted anything during that time but I shared a post on The Autism Dad Facebook page and my stalker reported it and I am banned once again. I know …

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My new writing buddy

Ruby is glued to me a large portion of the day. This is where you can typically find her while I’m in my favorite writing seat. She’s become my new writing buddy… ☺

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