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I’ve managed to keep my kids safe and healthy for 70 days

Today marks day 70 of COVID19 lockdown for my family. It’s been a long journey and I’m afraid we aren’t even almost there yet. I’m preparing to remain locked down as long as it takes to keep my family safe. Yes, it’s a massive sacrifice but the alternative is unacceptable to me. We have made …

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We had an adventure today

I’m really tired but I wanted to share our adventure from today because it was a very big step for Gavin. I took the kids out to Quail Hollow because we all needed to get some exercise and I was hoping that do to the size of the park, it wouldn’t be very crowded. Unfortunately, …

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Are you looking for fun things to distract your kids with?

I mentioned recently that I wanted the kids to get involved in things that weren’t battery powered or attached to a screen. Well, wish granted. Zen Laboratory reached out and wanted to sponsor a review of their Jumbo Slime Kit. They retail for about $30 and they sent one for each of the kids. While …

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I’m struggling today

I’m struggling a bit today because I just am. I could say it’s because we’ve been on lockdown for 67 days straight or that I’m depressed. I could say that it’s because Gavin’s off his meds and the kids have been home from school. I could say that it’s because I’m struggling with my pending …

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I’d rather not spend the money but I’m too tired to care

I had a really hard time falling asleep last night. I ended up finally crashing around 5:30 AM and for those wondering, that puts me at a significant disadvantage going into the day. I was able to get about 4 hours of sleep because the boys slept in. Super grateful for that. The goal for …

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A mixed bag

Thus far, today has been a mixed bag. The boys wanted to do yard work but Gavin decided he’d rather clean the bathroom, which is fine. I don’t leave the boys outside alone for several reasons, all related to safety. Everyone did great and now I need to get some work done on my end. …

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