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The boys first official visit went well and we have big plans for tomorrow

The boys had their first official visit since the split and I think it went really well, at least it sounds like it did. That’s fantastic as far as I’m concerned because I want as little to change for them as possible. I was a bit nervous because it’s a… Read more »

I’m not sure where to even begin

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The boys will be back soon and I’m feeling a good bit overwhelmed at the moment. I wanted to get the living room gutted before they got home and put up my late grandmother’s bookshelves next to the TV. I got the shelves in place but there’s a ton of… Read more »

I’m very much on edge right now

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My first night without the kids was pretty rough. I’m almost never away from them and having the house completely devoid of even their fighting is unsettling. I miss them doing the things that drive me crazy. Is that weird? I had zero plans for the evening. I had a… Read more »

My kids have their first visitation today and this is killing me

Today is a really going to be difficult for me because the kids have their first visit with their mom since she moved out. Actually, they already left for their first visit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad that they can visit her because it’s so important to have… Read more »

It sucks but we’re doing okay-ish

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Last night, we sat down with the boys and their therapist to tell them what was going on. They already knew that mommy had moved out but they hadn’t heard from her what was going on or been able to ask questions. Doing this in the presence of their therapist… Read more »

My 16 Year Marriage Has Ended and I’m Devastated

The kids will remain with me at home full-time and we will find a way to move forward. We have a hugely supportive family on both sides and for that I’m grateful.