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I feel like we kicked ass today

The boys and I have had a pretty decent day.  Actually, I’m going to promote the day from decent to pretty darn good. Nothing particularly eventful took place but I’m really proud of my boys because they demonstrated a shitload of teamwork today. Part of Gavin’s new bedset came in over the weekend. His actual …

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An Open Letter To Everyone Not #SocialDistancing or Wearing A Mask

For those sleeping under a rock, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, the COVID-19 pandemic to be more specific. We’re not even in the middle yet because we’re not even through the first wave. We are currently living through the worst public health crisis in the last century. This has to be taken seriously. …

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My kids are home and the transition has been rough

The kids came home after 2 days and they are a little worse for wear. Fun was had by all but they know it’s going to be awhile before they can go back. We’re hoping July will work. Lizze won’t be in a position to quarantine for 14 days for awhile due to upcoming doctors …

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Seeing Through the Spectrum

The eyes through which your child sees the word are so unique. Sometimes, those eyes need glasses. That first pair of glasses making everything come into focus is magical. For children on the Autism Spectrum, this is especially important. They already deal with so many other hardships, seeing shouldn’t be one of them.  Photo by …

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What I did without my kids for 2 days

I had fully intended on writing while the kids were gone but I just shutdown instead. I haven’t had any semblance of a break in 75 days. I thought I would make up for that by updating everyone as to how the break went. The boys will be home in the morning. I will be …

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Trying to safely manage parent visitation during the #COVID19 pandemic

The boys are getting incredibly anxious about seeing their mom tomorrow. It’s been about 2.5 months since they’ve seen her in person. This has been by design and out of necessity because of the COVID19 pandemic. Lizze and I discussed this when we first went on lockdown and we agreed that the safety of the …

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