When IVIG Infusions go wrong

Gavin's IVIG infusion has been a disaster so far. First of all, the supply company shorted us the needles needed to draw up his meds. I had to find a pharmacy that carried theses and was willing to sell me some without a script. Honestly, who would be buying these things without some a script? I guess I get it. Luckily, the Walgreen's down the street was willing to because they are familiar with Gavin and his infusion needs. Unfortunately, after I arrived home and struggled for about 20 minutes to draw up his medication, I realized that they sold me fricking filtered needles. Let me just say that trying to draw up his meds with these needles was like trying to suck a watermelon through a stir straw. Thankfully, I was…


UPDATE: What happened at yesterday’s appointment 

Update: Video of crazy driver and our commentary is now on page 2. I had planned on getting this entry out much sooner but unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.   Majority of our day was spent driving to and from the family allergist. Lizze and Gavin both had appointments for different reasons. Lizze was going as a first time allergy patient and Gavin was there for allergies, asthma and immunodeficiency.  Both had bloodwork done.  Lizze is being allergy tested and also checked for the same immunological issues that Gavin has. The results will be back in a few days.  Gavin's bloodwork is checking his antibodies, platelets and a shitload of other things because he has a shitload of things going on. I'm anxious to get his platelet count because…


That was horrible

We just arrived in Cleveland for Gavin and Lizze's appointments. The drive was horrible due to the weather and very poor visibility. Things were made worse by our windshield wipers freezing in place once we were on the freeway. That was not fun at all. We should be on our way home in about an hour or so and I've already fixed the wipers and topped off the wiper fluid. Hopefully, our trip back will be a bit easier.