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Reflecting on this past weekend has taught me 3 things

The four day weekend is almost over and we have lived to tell the tail. 🙂 All joking aside, it seemed like a longer weekend than it actually was. The boys were the boys and that’s not a bad thing. They were all challenging at times but I have great… Read more »

I’m being interviewed today

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Fun fact, I’m getting interviewed this morning by Susan Wheeler-Hall BSW, NGH. Susan is an Author, Coach, Educator, Speaker and Radio Host.  She’ll be interviewing me around 11 am this morning. I’m not sure what we’ll be talking about but it should be fun. The boys are home from school today and… Read more »

2 behavioral oddities reminded me that I’m only human

Unfortunately, Gavin’s had a rough day. I feel I need to stress that this wasn’t behavioral, at least in the way it would have been a few years back. The first issue is in regards to Gavin’s bladder problems returning today for the first time in a long-ish time.  This… Read more »

What his stomach looks like after an IVIG infusion 

I wanted to take a minute and share a bit of insight into what Gavin experiences in regards to his IVIG Infusions. Gavin receives these medically necessary procedures twice a week and will do so for the rest of his life.  These infusions provide him with the immune system his… Read more »

When IVIG Infusions go wrong

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Gavin’s IVIG infusion has been a disaster so far. First of all, the supply company shorted us the needles needed to draw up his meds. I had to find a pharmacy that carried theses and was willing to sell me some without a script. Honestly, who would be buying these things… Read more »

UPDATE: What happened at yesterday’s appointment 

Update: Video of crazy driver and our commentary is now on page 2. I had planned on getting this entry out much sooner but unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.   Majority of our day was spent driving to and from the family allergist. Lizze and Gavin both had appointments… Read more »