I got a break for the first time since September

It’s been a couple days and I wanted to share something before I crash for the night. This will be brief because I’m exhausted and I’ll try to follow up later.

The other day, I called Lizze to find out if they’d been locked down for at least 14 days. They had been and so I suggested making arrangements for the boys to go over for a few days. It’s been since September and that’s really hard on her and the kids.

We had decided to shut visits down until COVID was under control. That’s the only reason she hasn’t seen them.

Since the insurrection at the Capitol Building and the current threats for this coming week, as well as how much worse COVID is getting, I thought we should seize on the opportunity to get a visit in while we could. They had already been in lockdown for something else and it worked out well.

The kids were really excited and Emmett literally tackled Lizze when he saw her. She okay and so was Ruby. I brought Ruby along for the ride and so that she could say hello.

It was totally last minute and not planned out but the important thing is they all got to spend time together.

I’ve been off the radar while they were gone because I just sorta shut down. I’ve not had a break since September and I just rested. I wish there was something exciting to talk about hut it was pretty boring.

I feel so good about being able to work this out.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

That was a good decision you made for all concerned. Let’s hope that America somehow comes to its senses and this violent insanity ends.


Maybe Lizze and family could go into lockdown more often…every couple months? Seems like it would be better if possible.